The Heyday of the American Automobile

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Classic Car Photos of the American Automobile

The classic car photos in Marty’s Automotive photography collection comprise some of the best selling pictures in the gallery.

The elegant curves and shiny chrome with its powerful engine underneath in the classic Lincoln Continental photo make you just want to cruise the night away.

We have classic car photos of everything from a Studebaker to a Hudson. The flared fenders and swooping rooflines on these vintage automobiles make for great photos to adorn you family room or man cave. We have full car shots and detail photos of hood ornaments and car grills, some of the most elaborate parts of the classic car era. The La Salle and its extra tall chrome grill is something that may never be built again.

You don’t have to be a car buff to be attracted to hood ornaments; it’s that it is such a beautiful combination of art and design on each classic car and they are such alluring pieces of fine art photography. The Angle hood ornament on a Triumph from 1934 was a rare find and the photo makes as bold of a statement as this vintage car did when it premiered in the US.

Marty has even found an original Sinclair gas pump to include in the Automotive photo collection. The old school green of this pump set against the stark black makes it appear as if it is traveling through time to appear on this great photo.

Looking for something that really pops, the metallic blue with flame grill on the hot rod photos stands out against any wall color. There is something about this vintage photo that is exciting and calming at the same time.

On the right track but not seeing exactly what you are looking for, contact us we have more classic car photos in the gallery.