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Fine Art Photography - The Roadside Gallery by Martin Garfinkel

Fine art photography is created by artists of the modern age; artists who feel compelled to share something beautiful, intriguing or provocative with their audience, or to capture a moment in time that may never again be seen in quite the same way. The genius in fine art photography as an art is, there are no rules to follow, there are no protocols to submit to, and there are certainly no canvas lines confining the stroke of inspiration of the artist behind the lens.

Martin Garfinkel’s life passion has been to bring to the world images of those moments in time that are vanishing, or long since forgotten. His love of America and her great expanses pulled him from the Boroughs of New York City to the open western highways and byways; with the most notable work being, his fine art photography series of America and Route 66.

In Martin’s work, you will find a classic Americana of a bygone era represented in the creative vision of the artist. Unlike many contemporary fine art photographers, Garfinkel’s works are not posed nor does he set the stage. He waits and he watches for the necessary conditions to fulfill his creative vision.

About Martin Garfinkel

Much of Martin’s photo trek has been on the back of his Harley Davidson motorcycle; and in 1990, he published a photo pictorial of the images he captured during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Martin’s fine art photography covers expansive vistas and the roadside images he was witness to as he traveled across the great American West.

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The Roadside Gallery

Carbondale, Colorado

The collector’s market in fine art photography has been developing rapidly; and there is now a thriving collector’s marketplace for art photography of high quality archival prints; and this is great news. But then again, there is the more pragmatic use of the fine wall decor and decor photography available at the Roadside Gallery; and that is, in the way a piece of Martin Garfinkel’s fine art wall decor will enhance your living environment.

The Roadside Gallery is Marty Garfinkel’s fine art photography gallery and retail location, located in Carbondale, Colorado; a creative art district.

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