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Edsel Grille Fine Art Photo

Who could forget the Edsel? Probably, most everyone of driving age barely remembers the car. Edsel was to be Ford’s saving financial grace at the time when sales were very slow. The era was the 1950s when people wanted a more sleek design. World War 11 had just ended and drivers wanted to ride in something that celebrated freedom. The problems with the Edsel were that it was unclear if the car was coming or going. The front grille looked very much like its back end, so it had a very mysterious awkward presentation while cruising down the street.

One should also be very careful when choosing names for people, places, toys and objects such as cars. It’s nice the Henry Ford had a son, who he named Edsel, after who or what, it is completely uncertain. But one thing is very definite, Edsel was not the correct name for a car or even a bike or a scooter. Sleeking up a name to fit the cars that were heading the driving scene was many, but they all sounded like serious machines.

Some of the leading names for foreign and domestic cars in the 1950s were; Alfa Romeo 2000, Austin Martin DB Mark 111, Austin Healy Sprite, Buick Roadmaster, Chrysler New Yorker, DeSoto Deluxe, Dodge Kingsway, Ferrari America, Ford Galaxie, Ford Thunderbird, Jaguar Mark 1, Lincoln Continental, Maserati 5000 GT, Mercedes-Benz SL CLASS, Mercury Voyager and the Plymouth Fury, to name only a few, they all said one thing, ‘we get up and move,’ with engines that could take you to the moon.

Edsel sadly said “Hi, do you need a ride to the Dime Store?” You may be asking your self ‘what is a Dime Store?’ Good question, it was a store where you could actually purchase items that you needed or not for one Dime. What is fascinating about the Edsel is that if you could find one in excellent condition it would fetch around $38,000 on today’s market. But then why would you pay that when you could buy a Prius for much less.

This is fine art photo of a vintage Edsel Grille taken by, photographer, Martin Garfinkel. He has a pension for preserving the past and luckily he got this terrific shot of this Edsel, which is in mint condition. Congrats for the die-hard collector and Edsel fan, for they have taken great care in restoring a car that could have disappeared forever.

The color of this classic car is so beautiful and attractive; it is too bad we don’t see more of these types of colors on cars today cause it sure does give it character. This is one of our favs here in the gallery. This image shines when set in a matted & frame (black) décor option and then hung right up in your living or work space, and look, you just added character to your environment as well.