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Angel Hood Ornament Vintage Art Prints

Several decades ago, classic car hood ornaments were more than just knowing what kind of car it was on; they were art sculptures making bold statements. History has it that hood ornaments would reflect the most modern technology of the times. Early automobiles had their radiator caps on the hood right above the grille so with the cap being exposed opened up an opportunity for some kind of piece of art form. The female figure hood ornaments came out in like 1930’s by Buick and Cadillac probably some other manufacturers also.

You don’t have to be a car buff to be attracted to hood ornaments; it’s that it is such a beautiful combination of art and design on each classic car and they are such alluring pieces of fine art photography. Here at the gallery this particular shinny goddess leaning forward and her wings spread out is one of our best-selling hood ornaments, it is so beautiful and exotic you can’t help to have it be part of your environment. It is a shame they cannot be on your classic cars anymore due to some fad in the late 70s and 80s with teenagers and others from breaking them off the cars to wear around their necks, although there are a couple manufacturers who still make them but there is a button in the car so they go down, I’m pretty sure Mercedes.

With that being said you can hang them in your home or business printed on metal, matted &n framed, acrylic, a throw pillow or even a shoulder tote bag by photographer Martin Garfinkel with many to choose from available in his Classic Car Collection. Once you start realizing how classic, precise, stunning, alluring, classy and exotic these ornaments are you will find yourself attending classic car shows, art galleries and exhibitions to enjoy these breath taking art designs.

This particular goddess hood ornament is very difficult to find, there are others with wings but not like this one, so we named her the angel and back then some of these hood ornaments were made from chrome or nickel. This beautiful shinny angel sits today on the top of a 1934 triumph which is displayed in some local Colorado classic car shows.