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M&M Café Blog – Roadside Gallery

This M&M Cafe Blog – Roadside Gallery – is just our little way of show appreciation for this amazing cafe.

After a 100 or more years of never shutting the grill off the beloved M&M Café was lost to a fire. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the M& M Café first opened in 1890 operating 24-7 in Butte, MT was ‘home’ to so many. That’s why we decided to write a little M&M Cafe Blog.

M&M Café got its name from the first of many proprietors, Martin and Mosby, even though their time was short, the town’s love of nicknames endured, and their initial remain as the M&M. This restaurant never rested for more than a century, serving customers around the clock. The M&M Café catered to miners while the kitchen served breakfast at any hour of the day or night, then officially becoming a cigar store. Selling cigars discreetly in front, ground floor with its 1940 Art Deco, the M&M Café’s spectacular neon sign and its vintage 1890s upper level this is a landmark that has provided food, drink and diversion to generations to Butte residents.

Sorry to those who never got to experience the M&M Cafe. For those who were lucky enough to have acquaintance with the M&M Café and the community of Butte sorry for your loss. The owner, Selina Pankovich, says this is not the end, it will take many small miracles to rebuild her and if you would like to support the rebuild you can at: www.mandmbarandcafe.com

The only thing saved from the fire was her beautiful neon sign, famous around the world. This M&M Café neon sign will light up Main Street again.

Photographer Martin Garfinkel captured this piece of the M&M Café during his travels on his Harley motorcycle riding across America so we can all, and future generations enjoy this spectacular neon sign and with our M&M Blog more folks will know about the café and how special it really was to so many.

You can purchase this iconic photo framed or  printed on metal either on our website or at RoadsideGifts on Etsy. M&M Cafe Blog – Roadside Gallery hope you can make a small donation at: http://www.mandmbarandcafe.com to help these wonderful people rebuild this historic place. thanks!