Colorado Drugs Vintage Neon Sign by Photographer Martin Garfinkel

Colorado Drugs Vintage Neon Sign Blog

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Colorado Drugs Vintage Neon Sign Blog

First of all, the Colorado Drugs Vintage Neon Sign was taken by photographer Martin Garfinkel on his journey across America, riding his Harley and capturing a piece of this roadside archeology. This blog talks about going to Colorado Drugs where you see the Colorado Drugs Vintage Neon Sign to get a prescription which most of the time can make things worse or visiting Dr. Dave Jensen, the chiropractor and his amazing medical massage therapists like Ann Wolf C.M.T at the W.I.N Institute.

We all come to a point in our lives that we have to visit a doctor, now what kind of doctor to go to is the question? Your first reaction is to go to your family physician that your insurance covers, not knowing chiropractors also accept most all insurances. There are thousands of amazing successful stories that come out of W.I.N Institute with Dr. Dave Jensen; he is a doctor who definitely knows his bones and an expert on neurology.

My personal experience with Dr. Dave is almost like a miracle. I was having problems breathing, anxiety, and unknown stress, a rash on my face, low energy and just feeling like shit and this went on for a couple months. I thought I had Covid got tested, nope, negative results. An asthma inhaler that I got a prescription for 6 months earlier I was over using trying to breathe. I was thinking maybe its allergies, maybe an allergic reaction to my son’s dog; maybe I starting to have lung problems like what is happening to me, coughing all the time which by now all this is making me tired and at this point not even feeling the work thing.

So of course, I call my family physician get a phone appointment three weeks out. As the days continue I feel like things are not getting better. My phone appointment comes, I get prescribed a stronger inhaler with steroids (the pharmacy emailed my doctor that I was picking up my inhaler prescription to frequently), a 6 day steroid treatment (wanting me to start right away by taking 6 steroid pills at a time “I have never taken 6 pills at once in my life never mind steroids) and she was not sure why I had the rash but the steroids will help clear it up she says. Like really!

Back in the day you would look for the Colorado Drugs vintage neon sign and get your prescription in a little glass bottle.

I hold off on all medications being a little nervous. I text my daughter who is the office manager at the W.I.N Institute to get me an appointment with Dr. Dave Jensen chiropractor, the same day I am in his office, he explains to me to open my lungs naturally (go climb mushroom rock hiking trail you want to open your lungs you don’t need steroids) the lungs can heal themselves gave me a lung supplement did a few chiropractic moves on me and books me a medical massage with Ann Wolf to help open my lungs also. Feeling great already being able to breathe not using a single narcotic at this point, a day later I have this medical massage thinking I’m getting this massage to calm down and release some anxiety. It turns out this was a whole another kind of massage, she did some cranio-sacral and polarity work that I have no idea what it is but…..OMG.

I left the W.I.N Institute that day feeling like a new women.

You have to stay aware of your diet, do a little cardio and self-care and you will continue to feel good. I learned that the quick more common way people choose is pharmaceuticals and it is the wrong way. It’s like cheating you feel good for the moment but then have months of doctor’s pills and hope recover and maybe by this time addicted to them and your health just deuterates.

The simplest healthy way is the most natural alterative way, chiropractor, acupuncture, massage and natural supplements.

Thank you Dr. Dave Jensen! You are truly an amazing person!