In & Out Hamburgers Vintage Neon Sign Photo

In & Out Hamburgers Vintage Neon Sign Photo

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In & Out Hamburgers Vintage Neon Sign Photo
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This In & Out Hamburgers vintage neon sign photo was taken back in 2010 since then neon signs have changed. The first In-N-Out Burger opened in 1948 by Harry Synder in California. Also in 1948, the two way speaker box was introduced to let In-n-Out burger offer true drive-thru service worthy of its name.

This In & Out Hamburgers Vintage Neon Sign Photo was an updated logo in 1954, the iconic In & Out arrow makes its first appearance, replacing the original “no delay” sign. Inspired by their new logo, In & Out Associates adopt the saying, “The arrow points to pride” and “We all work under the same arrow.”

This In & Out Hamburgers Vintage Neon Sign Photo was when neon signs started to be a thing in America back, the very first neon signs in the 1930s when they were just the bulbs and then later the bent neon came about. So this In & Out Hamburgers Vintage Neon Sign Photo is an oldie but goodie now the signs are plastic and not a creative or vibrant as the vintage signs.

In 1958 In-N-Out celebrates a decade of growth with five Southern California restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley and sign changed to the modern day plastic one. Nothing like the In & Out Hamburgers Vintage Neon Sign Photo taken by Martin Garfinkel which may still be around if this was taken in 2010 hopefully some owner of the original store chain kept it and still has it lit up today preserving a piece of our American history.

The reason for this Roadside Gallery Blog came about was that my daughter & I took a trip to San Ramon, CA in May of 2022. We stay at the Hyatt House on San Ramon Valley Blvd. with an In & Out Burger place right across the street. And I was so extremely amazed at the business this burger joint had that I had to blog about this. The line of cars for In & Out Burger was more than 10 cars long at all times of the day, lined up along side the Blvd. For 5 days this line did not slow down; even at dinner time they had two In & Out Burger associates outside taking orders. Unbelievable right? What was the big stink about these burgers that we had to try one. The menu is very simple and easy like 3 things. One uber driver commented that it was a marketing strategy that he could put 10 burgers on the grill to be prepared for the rush but they cook them as ordered and that the meat is fresh daily. The last day of our trip we decided to try it and my personal option is that there is nothing special about this place I have definitely tasted better. We just recently go one in Colorado and people I know are driving 3 hours to go to this place, I love the In & Out Burger story and family owned business and the good they do for children but the burger is not a wow moment to me.

In 1973, 25th Anniversary; At the quarter-century mark, In-N-Out has 13 restaurants open, all in Los Angeles County. Over the years milkshakes were added to menu and first t-shirt design came out. Then in 1976 founder, Harry Snyder passes away and his two sons take over. This business continues to grow over the next decade with first dining room restaurant, In & Out University, UNO foundation, feeding the homeless, opening more stores and spreading to other states to enjoy this family owned restaurant.
Fast forward to 1993 one of the sons tragically passes away then a year later the other son continues and opens the 100th store. Then in 1999 he passes away and then in 2005 the 200th store opens and in 2008 is the 60th anniversary for the In & Out Burger. As of 2010 Mr. Synder’s granddaughter, Lnysi, continues her family’s legacy. Her goal the company is to achieve ever-higher levels of quality and service for In-N-Out guests. She quotes “I’m so blessed to have had such great family leaders come before me. Today, I view a big part of my job as adhering to and living up to the high standards that have been built up over the past 64 years”.

So if you have not tried this burger go get yourself one!!!