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Diesel Fried Chicken Sign

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Diesel Fried Chicken Sign

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The small historic ranching town of Van Horn, Texas is where the vintage Diesel Fried Chicken Sign was captured by photographer Martin Garfinkel. This place was named after Jefferson Van Horne, a US Union Army major who discovered the nearby wells allowing the town to full bathtubs and irrigate crops.

This is the same small town billionaire Jeff Bezos and his crew launched into space. With the safe return as they smiled proudly, Jeff Bezos was wearing his cowboy hat he purchased in his favorite store in Aspen, CO., which is a place he sometimes visits at his parents’ house there.

This vintage sign which once topped a tire shop is now, according to a Texas Monthly, heading to a bar in Austin, TX. The 32-foot-long sign has really got people’s attention just by the way it is worded. We had one printed on metal and hung in front of the gallery and honest to God people came in thinking we are frying chicken in diesel, like; would you even eat it? we would ask and joke about it. The Diesel Chicken sign is such a great vintage sign, but it was a place that sold diesel at the gas station part and fried chicken in the little store inside, I do believe, but it is amazing how many people driving by this sign and always wanting to stop and try the chicken fried in diesel, is there really such a thing? Who knows?

Thousands of tourists/people would pass through Van Horn daily going to the Carlsbad Caverns back in the day, which you would have to ride by the famous chicken sign to get there and it always struck people as how interesting that chicken must be. The iconic chicken sign is another piece of roadside archeology that photographer Martin Garfinkel captured so today we can all have a good laugh and how important signage really is.