Autumn Leaves


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Autumn Leaves Fine Art Photo

Somewhere in Oregon

Autumn also known as fall marks the transition from summer to winter. Autumn is time of year when all the tree are shedding. Daylight hours shrink and temperatures drop, but before winter freeze the hills of Colorado, they come to life for a few weeks of painted glory.  The deep reds, bright yellows, and burnt oranges that give today’s towns a festive flair have been dazzling local residents and all sorts of photographers since forever. This magnificent piece by photographer Martin Garfinkel captures the light through the trees as the sun sets and the angle of the photo give this piece so much depth you feel as if you want to jump in those leaves or shuffle your feet along them.

This fine art photo comes to life when printed on canvas and then framed all you have to do is buy it and hang it in that perfect place…you’ll see.