Peter Fonda Biker Photo


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Peter Fonda Biker Photo

This precious fine art photo of Peter Fonda was taken at Sturgis biker rally in South Dakota. It was taken with film when black & white was one of the only options for photographers which means it was taken way back when, if I had to guess I would say late 70s or early 80s. When these guys used to go to Sturgis it was an amazing adventure for them, they would ride the ride, not haul the motorcycle to the rally. It was not only a rally to a lot of these bikers but like going to see family, it was a getaway where they could be free and get grungy and just go wild(and boy, did they go wild). They had refurbished Harley’s, the newest Harley’s, Indian bikes, motorcycles they built themselves, thousands of dollars’ worth parts and paint jobs, most of them took pride in their motorcycles and enjoyed the recognition they would get. Mr. Fonda had a replica of the “Captain America” bike used in the movie. Peter Fonda became a star in the film “Easy Rider” and he never lost his 1960s attitude or openness even as he prepared for the 50th anniversary this fall of “Easy Rider”. Sadly to say on August 16th, 2019 Mr. Fonda passed away in Los Angeles, he was 79 years old. He will be very much missed by all.

For all you die hard Peter Fonda fans this is your lucky web-site cause you can get a fine art photo of him by photographer Martin Garfinkel. We offer different sizes, you can have it matted & framed; for any other options of this image please contact the gallery directly 970-963-9333 or email us: a great treasure for your biker collection or wall art.