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Bamboo Chop Suey Cafe Night Neon Photo

When talking about vintage roadside Americana neon signs this one takes the lead. Who could resist stopping to eat at the Bamboo Chop Suey Cafe in Flagstaff, Arizona? Located along the busy Route 66 when Chinese food was the craze, this restaurant was a top choice among hungry travelers. It is uncertain if the Chinese had even eaten chop suey since it was an American creation, but they certainly learned to create their own delicious version of the dish. Chop Suey became an American staple when a family chose to go out to dinner. Evidently, the Bamboo Chop Suey Café was worth traveling to during the 1950s and 1960s. It is unknown of this great Chinese restaurant is still open today. If not, hopefully, someone saved the great neon sign and has it hanging in their kitchen.

This fine art photo was captured by, photographer, Martin Garfinkel, on one of his many Harley rides throughout the US. His passion was to save these wonderful signs on film. Garfinkel wanted to collect the visual humor of mid-century Americana. He could not buy every sign that needed saving, but he could do one very important thing and that was to take a photograph of it and preserve it for the future, long after these marvelous signs were hauled off to the scrap yard for metal value.

What an incredible photo this would be hung in someones home. It is so much fun to look at that it could be hung really anywhere, not only in your kitchen, but family room, office or even guest room. Can you image how neat hanging with bamboo furniture or even a bamboo patio; now remember this can be printed on wood, metal (perfect if being hung outside) or gallery wrapped canvas and many more home décor options available. The colors are bright and happy and could be the main focus to accent a room that truly needed a touch of personality.

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