Chaquita Bar Fine Art Photo


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Chaquita Bar Fine Art Photo

Van Horn, Texas

This picture is a delight; it says so much, you can just see the types of character sitting at the bar, slamming down shots of Tequila with a lime chaser and foaming head of their favorite beer. And there would be the stories told about the night that so and so was so drunk as morning came around they would be on their walk of shame for their night of fun. However, to their surprise we all did the same thing at one time or another. There is always one favorite dive bar you have to stop at during your travels to shoot the shit with those local old timers who know the history of the whole town…..its so fun and you can actually learn a little something from those folks.

Throughout the South west are these great old vintage bars that have many reinventions through the years. Some have even been location shots for famous movies. Most are decaying, sitting alone in the elements, because the town they are located in simply could not make it and all of its inhabitance has disappeared.

The Chiquita Bar is located in Van Horn, Texas and the photographer found the place to be closed the last time he road through. It was one of his favorite watering holes when he traveled through the dusty back roads of southwest on his Harley. Martin Garfinkel was able to save another character, this fine art photo of the Chiquita Bar. It is, without, a doubt, one the finest photos to be hung in your man cave bar or who knows maybe even in her she shed or in your bar business. One lady hung this photo in her home because her chihuahua was named Chiquita, who had passed away, and she loved this fine art photo that reminded her of the love of that dog.