Bugs Bunny Motel, Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO Photo Print


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Bugs Bunny Motel Vintage Sign Photo

Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO
This landmark of the Colfax strip, built in 1952, long sported a tall neon sign proclaiming itself the domain of America’s favorite wabbit. It was well-known and noticeable to everyone for 45 years, except Warner Bros., who finally cracked down on them in 1997. Even though WB admitted the bunny on the sign was a very bad caricature of Bugs Bunny, the media giant nevertheless felt they should protect themselves from the menace of a small Colfax motel and made them change their name anyway. The owners figured out they could paint over part of the letters, so now the sign’s still there, but now reads “B ig Bunny Motel” instead.
This iconic roadside image by photographer Martin Garfinkel will add a little spice to any room.