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‘ROY’S MOTEL & CAFÉ’ was the place to stop when traveling along the nostalgic Route 66. Located in Amboy, California, it was quite a distance from Needles, which was the last stop if you were leaving California and the first stop if you were heading into California. Amboy was a small town, but the main draw was that tall ‘gooige style’ sign that announced ROY’S, which meant good eating at a reasonable price. ROY’S was the goal for all weary travelers who have struggled their way through the Mojave Desert, no doubt, without any air conditioning in their cars. They knew a night’s lodging in the 1950s at Roy’s would offer ‘refrigerated’ rooms, another way of saying air conditioned.

ROY’S was on the original Route 66 design and business was booming, especially, if you were greeted by Roy with a big smile and a warm hand shake, you knew that you would return. Then there was the simple bonus of great food and comfortable lodging at low rates. Roy was in the business to please people, plus he had the capital to build his own place, which had been life long dream. When the Mother Road opened in 1926, Roy knew exactly where to build his café and motel, right along Route 66.

Sadly, everything changed when the United States Highway System decided to realign Route 66 and Amboy was completely left off the map. ROY’S no longer was the destination for Route 66 travelers; it was, in fact, out of the way. Almost over night Amboy became a ghost town. Officially, Route 66 disappeared off the US maps on June 2, 1985. However, there are designated signs to announce that you are traveling on a patch of highway that is referred to as ‘Historic ROUTE 66.’

Luckily, the photographer, Martin Garfinkel saw what a terrific sign ROY’S was and stopped to pay homage to what was still standing in Amboy, California. It is unknown if that delightful sign is still there, but for certain there is this fine art photo of ROY’S that you can own and hang in your favorite room.

It’s amazing how our Mother Road of America is so much of a ghost road today because there is just so much history there. Many people oversees are very interested in historic route 66 today and come to America just to travel the historic route. This is an interesting new documentary : check it out!