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The Plymouth Ship Hood Ornament – Art decor interpretations of the Mayflower

This extraordinary Plymouth Ship hood ornament symbolized the Plymouth Motor Company. They truly were the all American company, offering mid priced vehicles for the average family. Even the hood ornament represented a large Clipper ship in full sail heading toward Plymouth Rock with encouraged pilgrims on board wanting a fresh start in a new country.

The grace of these wonderful vintage cars brings back nostalgic images of the family packed up for a journey to see the grand parents or other relatives; often taking the most popular route in the 1950s which was the Mother Road, the historic Route 66. There were incredible things to see and wonders to explore along the way.

If one was to stop in every state on Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, one could possibly take the entire summer seeking out the adventure that is noted in the popular song “GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66.” The most incredible thing was that gas was only $28 cents a gallon and lodging in the vintage motor courts was only $8 a night. A family of four could enjoy a long week end for just a few dollars a day, so driving to new places became an American past time.

The Plymouth Motor Company began production in July of 1928 under the ownership of the Chrysler Motor Company and when sales began to plummet in the 1990s and more fuel efficient cars were in demand, the Plymouth closed production of their Auburn Hills, Michigan plant in June 1999. But the Plymouth will remain an Americana icon for ever.