Black & White

Photos Of A Forgotten Era

All of our photographs are archival pigment prints that may be purchased on-line, via email, by phone – or in our physical gallery in the Carbondale Creative District. Please note that additional sizes are available. If you are interested in a custom print & size please contact the gallery at 970-963-9333.

Vintage Biker Photos and Black and White Photography

Vintage biker photos make up a large part of the Black and White photography collection. Marty, the owner of Roadside Gallery is a rider himself, and has captured these authentic moments during his travels. There is a genuine connection between many of the subjects of these photos thanks in large part to the fact that most of them knew the photographer well.

Contrasting the black and white biker photos the collection has a few “authority’ pictures of the men in blue in action. Hailing from a time when bikers and cops were viewed as countercultures, destined to exist in conflict.

These pictures take us back to a time where life was a little less manicured and people could be what they wanted without having to identify so much with life expectations. The photo of the biker “Wild Bear” captures an image of a man who at once seems to say, I am as kind as they come but you probably shouldn’t mess with me.

Mixed in with the vintage biker photos are some other stand out black and white pictures form Marty’s collection. One of his biggest sellers is a classic shot of Grand Central Station. Packed with New Yorker’s going on about their day with the setting sun shining through the stations grand windows and silhouetting an oversized American flag, this photo balances movement with permanence in a stunning display.

Like what you see but can’t find the exact right shot? Contact us, the gallery has more vintage motorcycle photos from Marty’s time on the road.