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Sleepy Hollow Motel Neon Sign

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Sleepy Hollow Motel Neon Sign – Roadside Gallery Blog

The Sleepy Hollow Motel Neon Sign is such a vibrant beautiful neon sign. This Neon Sign is still intact and standing tall on Main Street in Green River, Utah but unfortunately the motel itself is all boarded up and closed. This cozy little retro motel opened in 1954 it was fully renovated and updated in 2018.

The Sleepy Hollow Motel should be on myriad of top – 10 list of best roadside motels in the US. This is the kind of place you go out of your way to stay at. From the beautiful Sleepy Hollow Motel Neon Sign to the midcentury exterior, to the lobby and newly remodeled (yet still retro) rooms, everything about this motel will take you back in time. Unlike most motels of its age though, it’s very clean inside and out. So you can understand the disappointment I felt to see the Sleepy Hollow Neon Sign off and the motel closed.

Not sure what happened to close this motel, but it must have been recent, my friends have stayed in one of the 17 rooms in this motel just in April of 2022. Covid has hurt a lot of businesses but this one was in a prime tourist stop area. On my trip to Utah my friends suggested this place and were shocked when I told them it was all closed. Was really hoping to see this particular neon sign lite up at night. This is one of my favorite retro neon signs.

As I was writing this blog it came up in conversation in the gallery. Come to find out this motel is open from April to October and closed for the winter. Well, that a huge relief. I am very happy to have just heard this as this is a such a gem of a place and the cutest vintage neon sign.