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The Pine Christmas Tree

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 The Pine Christmas Tree

The most important thing about Christmas, besides Jesus, is the pine Christmas tree. The way the pine smell lingers though out the house and the lights just glow through the night. The Pine Motel neon sign would make a perfect pine Christmas tree. The neon lights up all around the edges of a perfect design of a pine Christmas tree.

Talk about nostalgic this Pine Motel neon sign is ancient. According to google street view this iconic Pine Motel Neon sign is still standing whether it is lite up at night, we are not sure. Trying to get a hold of someone at the motel to get a bit of info for this blog to keep us all updated, not having much luck with that though.

Any business that still has the word Motel in it is probably iconic but still has that vintage feel to it and you can pull your vehicle right up to your door. It might not have all the amenities the big hotels have but the motorcycle riders prefer the motels, it is a bed for the night at a reasonable price.

This Pine Motel neon sign photo was taken in Sterling Heights, IN and to our knowledge the Pine Motel is still in business it may be weekly rentals but still in business. The Pine Motel neon sign photo was taken with film by photographer Martin Garfinkel. As he was cruising the great American west on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. At the time not realizing he is capturing a bygone era, a part of American history….well, thank god he did because now we can all enjoy a piece of our country’s vibrant somewhat forgotten decade.

And if you are NOT putting up that real pine Christmas tree this year; you can always hang this fine art photo of the Pine Motel Neon sign. Just spray some pine scented Lysol and you will have the most wonderful time. If you do decide to go the fine art photo way, I suggest you get it printed on metal and it will look lite up just like a real pine Christmas tree. Also, we are one of the very few galleries who frame our metal prints and it’s something you will have for decades to come.

Now that’s some jingle house rock my friends!