State Rooms – 75 Cents – Seattle, WA Photo Print


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State Rooms 75 cents Hotel Neon Sign Photo
Seattle, WA

The historic “Rooms 75 cents” neon sign still hangs in Pioneer Square; which was in its prime the core business district of Seattle in the 1800s and early 1900s. The history still lingers the square with its beautiful brick buildings and roman arched windows and vintage neon signs hanging as if you were back in a place in time. Back when neon signs were popular and then somewhat faded for a couple decades while the world worked on technology but, now coming around again, especially with the arts communities; like they say “just wait history will repeat itself”. There are also a couple places/business in the US that experienced neon makers are teaching the youngsters how to bend the neon and so forth so the history of neon signs can continue for generations to come.

While the historic “State Rooms 75 cents Hotel” neon still hangs in the place known for its Romanesque Revival architecture there is also is a lively night life going on under it with unique boutiques, art walks and cafes like the Biscuit Bitch Restaurant a place worth stopping at while touring the square. In the middle of the square is all outside seating where the entire hustle bustle takes place, a nice lunch break outside the office watching folks rush around makes it seem like the main connecting portal for transportation options. Pioneer Square is Seattle’s original neighborhood dating back to 1852. It’s been through its changes over the years just as any busy city will experience from natural disasters to the political uprisings but today is a perfect balance between the old and new and a fun place to explore. This is a wonderful photo of a bygone era; this neon sign has so much personality. If this image were to be printed on metal it looks as if the neon is on, just don’t hang it in your window your neighbors may get the wrong idea but, it will definitely add character to your home or business.

Check out our décor options if you choose the CyrstaLyte LED backlit frame which this precious neon belongs in just call the gallery directly at: 970-963-9333 or 866-963-9332 or email me at: and we would be happy to make this happen for you.