Rabbit Ears Steamboat Springs Vintage Motel Signs

Rabbit Ears Motel, Steamboat Springs, CO Photo Print


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Rabbit Ears Motel Vintage Sign Photo

Steamboat Springs, CO
A neon pink rabbit greets visitors at the entrance of Steamboat Springs’ Old Town today, just as it has done since 1952.

For a long time, though, it got no respect. The Colorado Highway Department demanded it be removed because it was in the way of their plans to widen U.S. 40. At one point, the sign was proclaimed tacky.

Ultimately defended as nostalgic, the cartoon-like image still stands outside Rabbit Ears Motel today. The controversial sign was declared a local historic landmark in the early 1980’s, and in 2002, it will be eligible for statewide historic designation.

This fine art photography by Martin Garfinkel will enhance any wall space in your home; you can also order a fine art photo pillow or tote bag and let that neon pink rabbit greet your visitors.