Rods Steak House


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Rods Steak House Western Photography Print

Williams, AZ

On August 23, 1946 Rod Graves and his wife Helen opened Rod’s Steak House, which is located on Historic Route 66.  The registered trademark menu, die cut in the shape of a steer, that the restaurant uses today, is the same one Rod used to open the Steak House with back then. (With a few minor changes). In 1955, Rod purchased a ranch where he would become a great cattleman and raise Hereford Cattle. It was then that Rod christened the MJ Bar brand, in honor of a close friend. The brand can be seen in various locations in and around the restaurant and on every menu! This famous organization still exists today. Rod also organized the first rodeo in Williams in 1941. Rod operated his Steak House for the next 21 years. In August of 1967, Rod bowed out of the restaurant business.

It’s nice to see a lot of old businesses have kept up on neon signs which, I believe has been around since 1920 starting in France. The most popular signage was neon in the United States up until 1960 and being used worldwide for that matter. Still used by photographers and architects, neon signage has declined in the past several decades and now it is making a comeback. Businesses and towns are today preserving and restoring their antique neon signs. Which is great cause they look so much better light up and inviting, they were never taken down most neon signs still hung but were shut off due to town/city ordinance of being a distraction.

Every household or restaurant usually has a photo of a cow; this piece will look great in your kitchen or a friend’s kitchen (especially the one who enjoys beef or has a farm). An archival pigment print framed in barn wood…absolutely phenomenal.