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Desert Sands Motor Hotel Landscape Photo Print for Sale

Albuquerque, NM

An Albuquerque icon, where scenes from the Oscar-winning movie ‘No Country for Old Men” was filmed has now been torn down after having three fires in 2016, with one damaging two-thirds of the motel. In the movie the hotel is in El Paso, Texas but in reality it is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Desert Sands was built in 1957 during the golden age of Route 66, but then declined falling victim to oversupply of hotels/motels on the Mother road as many did, sadly. In 2018 the sign was removed bringing a sad end to the property, the iconic neon sign was purchased by a local collector and who knows what will become of that sign but maybe someday will resurface.

They had a restaurant next to the hotel that photographer Martin Garfinkel would have a nice dinner when passing through and thank god he passed through a long while ago capturing this photo of that iconic neon. Another piece of history gone, instead of moving railroads and putting in highways they should of just left Route 66 alone, it could be one of America’s biggest attractions today and all motels & hotels would be doing great today.

It seems to be lately that quit a few neon signs are being bought by someone local in the surrounding area of the sign, which is a good thing. Some neon signs are getting refurbished and put in the towns’ local museums or historical society. Right here at Roadside Gallery we have two neon signs hanging one is for sale that is from the once busy Colorado Hotel in Trinadad, CO which whoever buys it we will deliver and install it anywhere in the U.S which would just add so much character to your surroundings. You can always contact us via email: or via phone: 970-963-9333 and we would be happy to help.