Pieces of Route 66

Pieces of Route 66

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Pieces of Route 66 can take you back in time in history and experience the classic vibe of the raw hide days. https://www.tucumcarirawhidedays.com/ Pieces of Route 66 are also constantly changing with new owners reviving old motels, neon signs being lite up for the first time in over 10 years.

At some time in the late 60s, early 70s photographer Martin Garfinkel saddled his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and took to the open road while here and there resting his head in a small town piece of Route 66. As he cruises the mother road of America capturing photos of a time in history that has been long since forgotten.

Stopping, snapping, collecting for years and years photos of old neon signs, quaint cafes, abandoned barns, motels, lodges and landscapes all found riding the ride on pieces of Route 66.

Even though this day in age some states are trying to preserve their pieces of Route 66 before it all gets turned in to highways. That brings me to another point, a lot of route 66 is already highway today, can you image if no one touched the mother road and just left it alone, building the highways around it or alongside it, what a wonder world it would be today. All the glowing neon signs, motels filled with tourists, motorcycles line up outside the local diners; it would be one of the biggest attractions in the world. Not everything has to modernize with big corporate franchises; we could have left that one mother road alone, so this era & many more to come could get the real vintage vibe. Don’t get me wrong all the people who still travel on famous pieces of Route 66 still get their kicks, love the people, and enjoy the cuisines on the parts that are not highway.

So when planning that summer vacation https://www.travelok.com/route_66 and find yourself meandering across pieces of Route 66 try to visit the museums which hold tons of history for the mother road. The local gift shops have fun souvenirs and love to tell their stories of life on the mother road. Ranked at the top of historic thing to do is the birthplace of the “mother road” in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it’s also one of the longest stretches of Route 66.

One place you can still visually feel that excitement of Route 66 is the Roadside Gallery, whose walls are covered with iconic images of roadside Americana and that slice of history we can pass on for generations to come. You can even add a piece of mid-century to your home with their neon signs for sale. Roadside Gallery is a very unique gallery that displays all the different way you can enjoy your fine art photography such as, pillows, tote bags, fine art photo jewelry, canvas, metal and even wood prints; a little something for everyone!!