Symbolic Photos of Times Left Behind

All of our photographs are archival pigment prints that may be purchased on-line, via email, by phone – or in our physical gallery in the Carbondale Creative District. Please note that additional sizes are available. If you are interested in a custom print & size please contact the gallery at 970-963-9333.

Classic Car Photos, Classic Trucks & Old Barns

The Abandoned photo collection from Roadside Gallery consists of everything from old barn photos to rusty bikes to decades old classic truck photos.

The old barn is a timeless piece of the scenery in rural America and they create a nostalgic feel for a peaceful time gone by. Barns were often painted red and we have several of these in our collection. Barns were used to house all of the animals that were necessary for a farm to thrive as well as where the crops and equipment were stored to keep them out of the elements. They were as crucial to the success of the farmer as the tractor. We have a classic tractor photo as well that captures the early engineering feats of the American spirit of growth. An old barn is often made of wood with a slate tile or metal roof. Choose from our wide selection of old barn photographs in various states of care from fully maintained and in full use to on the verge of falling down.

This collection also has one of Marty’s personal favorites from the entire collection, an old church on a hill side. You can just imagine ladies in summer dresses and men in their sunday best cresting the hillside to attend service. Another favorite captures an old bard with a classic car sitting in the open doorway. This photo juxtaposes the metal the car against the wood of the barn in a way that is very interesting to the eye.

Browse our Abandoned collection to find that old barn photo or classic car photo you have been looking for for your home.