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Klose In Motel Neon Sign Blog

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Klose  In Motel Neon Sign Blog

This Klose In Motel Neon Sign Blog starts off in Seattle, WA where the 32 room motel built in 1930s is now closed down as of June 2016 when Tom Nickerson bought it. He plans to demolish it and build a storage warehouse.

Even though this Klose In Motel has a checkered past…..Nickerson still had faith.

But, just because the Klose In Motel is closed doesn’t mean nobody’s checking in. Squatters are shooed from the old motel every morning, even though we boarded the place up, chain link it and lock it, and then drive around the block and by the time you get back there’s already somebody breaking back in…..says a construction worker in a Seattle article.

It became such a problem that Nickerson and the police suggested “Criminal Trespassing Program”. Which meant: Put up a keep out sign and that Nickerson agrees to testify in court against any violators. In turn, the police get to inter the property and to arrest or ask unauthorized persons to leave. But the police never come and Nickerson gets stuck with emergency order to secure the property due to complaints from neighbors about these squatters; which means the building is tied up in code compliance and Nickerson is stuck in motel hell.

Although numerous articles acknowledge the “vintage yellow and aqua neon sign” and many of us assumed this fantastic vintage Klose In Motel neon sign was gone forever it is now in the hands of the Museum of History and Industry, who are looking into restoring it for display.

The fine art photo of Klose In Motel was taken by photographer Martin Garfinkel many years ago as he was cruising through Seattle on his Harley Davidson Motorcycle which now is a piece of our American history. This magnificent fine art photo of Klose In Motel can add character, style and beauty to any room in your home or business. We are very glad to see a lot of old neon signs being restored and displayed in galleries and museums.