Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography

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So where do we draw the line and call photos; Fine Art Photography?? Now with all this new technology and high tech cell phones, iPad’s, notebooks everyone thinks they are a photographer, and they might be; but, there is a difference between a cell phone snap shot and fine art photography. There are many different outlooks on this subject and there is no correct definition for what fine art photography is, but there do appear to be things that can help define what it is.

The theory that distinguishes fine art photography from other avenues in photography is that fine art photography is not about digitally snapping a subject to create memories like a family vacation or birthday party with your cell phone. Using a camera to shot an event that appears in front of a photographer usually is a photo journalist with their photos usually found in newspapers or magazines, which acts more like a visual report. In this century and them to come, the field has spread dramatically and now any image with intent is called fine art. There are so many passages to photography today there’s commercial, scientific, collage, and journalistic that it is totally understandable how some people may be confused about it. Working in a fine art photography gallery you get asked this question all the time, people whipping out their cell phones showing us pictures saying they could go insane on an image by giving it a blur or a curve and call it fine art. Well, that doesn’t make an image more artistic just retarded. There is more intense desire and emotion that goes into fine art photography in my opinion.

Fine art photography is about the artists’ vision on what their work will look like. It is about an idea or an emotion, the artist has an idea or a feeling they want to be known. Then their technique they use to display their vision to have a consistency to it, usually when all their work is all together it has similarities. In the end, there is a body of work that shows the artists’ passion and feelings and to share them with others. I think it is the production of images to fulfill the creative vision of the photographer. Fine art photography comes from a personal concept. The images of a photographer tend to say more about the photographer and the way they process the world than just seeing an image. It has been said that success in photography comes from the level a photographer becomes known for their own style. Fine art photography is visual art considered to be something created for value rather than practical purpose.

Fine Art Photography is essentially an art form practiced for its beauty!!!!

There is one thing I do know for sure: Martin Garfinkel is a fine art photographer, and a damn good one at that, who has shared with the world his images of iconic roadside Americana.