The Museum of Art Re-Opens in Glendale, California

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2374After The Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles closed in 2011, it is now planned to re-open in Glendale, California. The museum wasn’t success in Los Angeles, so moving it to Glendale is an attempt to still share the neon sign history and develop the downtown area.

The Museum of Neon Art is opening with two new exhibitions, which include Illuminations and It’s About Time. Illuminations features historic neon signs while It’s About Time features neon clocks.

According to a article, “At the Glendale location we specifically wanted to be able to show the process [of neon bending] and offer courses in hands-on learning,” said Kim Koga, The Museum of Art executive director. “Neon is essentially a form of glass-blowing and it takes a lot of time and commitment to master it … To keep neon around for the next 25+ years we need to pass on these skills to another generation.”

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