Sneak Peak of AAU Vintage Automobile Museum

In Vintage Signs by Martin Garfinkel

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One of Roadside Gallery’s photographs of a vintage car.

For those of you interested in vintage cars, you need to check out the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum.

The automobile museum has over 200 vintage cars including brands such as Bugatti, Jaguar, Packard, Duesenberg and Cadillac. It gives classic car enthusiasts a glimpse into automotive culture.

Dr. Elisa Stephens and her family began collecting these valuable antique cars in the 1990’s. Only 50 cars are accessible for view from students and the public.

According to Meaghan Clark, author of article, “during a hearing in January 2013, AAU argued that the Automobile Museum “does not operate as an institutional use” but is merely a private antique car museum open to the public and often visited by students. In order to operate its private auto collection under university property, AAU filed an application for use of the space as a “social service or philanthropic facility.” During museum hours — it’s open four hours each week — every $10 admission fee is donated to rotating charities such as Rotary Club and Boys & Girls Club.”

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