Photographer Publishes Neon Sign Photo Series

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neon sign photographToronto-based photographer, Tanja-Tiziana who has traveled across America just published a neon sign photo series book, “Buzzing Lights.” The Palms Motor Hotel sign in Portland, Oregon is featured in the photo series.

According to her Oregon Live article, Tanja explains, “From small window signs to giant highway motel beacons, each one of those signs was crafted by hand. The glass tubes bent and shaped masterfully, then filled with gasses and electrified. It’s magic, science and art all twisted together into a very cool glow-in-the-dark package… and I’m like a moth, I suppose – drawn to the light.”

She traveled along America trying to capture the beauty of all of the neon signs she saw and that’s what the photo series is comprised of. The photo series will be coming out this fall.