Neon Signs in Tuscon to be Preserved

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Brian and Nouria Edwards own Hacienda Motel and are currently going through the process to get the neon signs for the Riviera Motel Lodge and Hacienda Motel restored.

According to a article, Tucson was given $125,000 to neon signs in the area for restoration purposes. The city’s historic preservation office contacted the Edwards to restore the signs.

To be part of the program, the Edwards have to comply to the following:

  • One must own a neon sign
  • Get two estimates for the cost of repair
  • Apply for historic landmark sign designation
  • Agree to keep the sign up for at least ten years
  • Responsible for 25% of the cost

“It’s very pretty and beautiful” said Nouria Edwards. “It’s good advertising for our business and we’d love to preserve it because it’s a part of Tucson’s heritage,” according to the article.

Neon signs are part of Tuscon’s history and business owners want to bring the history alive again. To find out more information, visit the original article at