Gallery of Ghost Signs

In Vintage Signs by Martin Garfinkel

coca-cola-ghost-sign-roadside-gallery-carbondale-co-2560Kelly Kazek of recently asked readers to submit photos of ghost signs in the south.

Charles Buchanan, author of the book “Fading Ads of Birmingham,” said he loves discovering faded signs painted on the sides of Alabama buildings.

“Ghost signs once covered walls all over our cities and towns, but now they’re more rare, so stumbling across one is always a pleasant surprise,” Buchanan said. “They add color, texture, and historical context to the places where we live–but it’s not the kind of history you’ll find in a textbook. I like to think of them as windows into the lives of ordinary people who lived decades before us. The signs can tell us where they shopped, what they bought, what they ate and drank, and so forth. In a high-tech world, it’s also comforting to discover something made by hand that hasn’t been polished away or painted over–something that has withstood the test of time.”

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