Christmas Tree Neon Sign

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The Christmas tree neon sign better known as the Blue Spruce Lodge Vintage Neon is in Gallup, New Mexico along historic Route 66. The Blue Spruce Lodge with the gorgeous Christmas tree looking sign out front of it opened in 1949, John Mikosovich built the motel, with financing from John Nowak. The endeavor proved so successful Mikosovich repaid the loan less than half the time stipulated.

The bright Christmas tree looking sign at the Blue Spruce Lodge sits in the sprawling Northwestern part of the state. The former coal-mining town once served as a bustling rail-construction outpost.

The blue spruce, with the scientific name Picea pungens, has a natural range extending from northern New Mexico to Wyoming. The Navajo used this tree as a tradition medicinal plant and a ceremonial item, and twigs are given as gifts to bring good fortune. How great that would be if the Christmas tree looking sign smelt as sweet as a real blue spruce?

The blue spruce is a native to the Rocky Mountains, much like photographer Martin Garfinkel who settled in Colorado over 20 years ago. Garfinkel now displays his fine art photography at the Roadside Gallery where you can find the historic Blue Spruce Lodge Vintage neon, better known now as the Christmas tree looking sign, along with his Route 66 collection, landscapes, abandon barns, automobile hood ornaments and extensive black n white collection.

Colorado’s state tree is the blue spruce and its many cultivars are often grown as ornamental trees in gardens and parks. It is also grown for the Christmas tree industry. In the wild, the spruce tree grows to about 75 feet, but when planted in parks and gardens it seldom exceeds 49 feet. It has scaly grey bark on the trunk with yellowish-brown branches.

Amazing the Christmas tree looking sign when lite up is beautiful, the photograph of the Blue Spruce Lodge vintage neon by Martin Garfinkel is breath taking and Colorado blue spruce holds the wonderful pine smell and singing birds.

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