Lyric Theatre Ghost Sign Photo


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Lyric Theatre Ghost Sign Photo

It is true that there have been many Lyric Theatres around the world. It seems to be a classic name for opera theaters, in particular. Also many Shakespearean houses have been given the name of Lyric. However, this Lyric Theatre was in Bisbee, Arizona. At the turn of the century Bisbee had become the largest small city between St. Louis and San Francisco. It was known as the most cultured town in all of the Southwest.

On its stage performed the likes of Al Jolson, Sarah Bernhardt, George Alexander, Will Rogers and many more acclaimed talent from the US and Europe. Bisbee has the perfect climate for the winter and summer months, never too cold nor too hot. Its year around inhabitance is mostly artists of some sort or another, which gives Bisbee and very interesting visual feel. It is a vintage western town nestled in the high desert mountains and is surrounded by incredible views of rugged mountain terrain.

This is a fine art photo of the wall on which the Lyric Theatre was painted before 1965 that we know of. As always there needs to be changes as a town expands and progresses. Sadly, this beautiful ghost sign of the Lyric Theatre was painted over some years ago, because it did not fit the retail store which now occupies the building. If it was not for, photographer, Martin Garfinkel’s keen eye this wonderful ghost sign would have disappeared forever.