Route 66 Revitalization to Take Place in Tulsa

In Route 66 by Martin Garfinkel

This photograph was taken by Roadside Gallery. It is one of the several hotels that will be accommodating to runners this weekend at the 9th Annual Williams Route 66 Marathon.

This photograph was taken by Roadside Gallery. 

Oklahoma University at Tulsa, international planners and city leaders in Tulsa, Oklahoma met up to talk about some future revitalization for the historic Route 66 highway. Eleventh Street in Tulsa could be the new stretch of Route 66 that brings business and life back into that area.

According to Oklahoma’s Own News on 6 article, Gil Penalosa, international urban planner, said: “Now Tulsa has a magnificent opportunity on how to transform this historic Route 66 on a route that works for everybody, walking cycling.”

“We are looking at things like street right away, where poles are located, driveways, how pedestrians are using streets,” said Sean Shaefer, director of Urban Design Studio.

The group met Tuesday to discuss the future plans and one of them may be to make sidewalks and/or bike lanes because it is not safe to ride bikes or walk with the amount of traffic on the street.