Route 66 Organization Campaigns for Lincoln

In Route 66 by Martin Garfinkel

1290As part of their effort to restore Route 66 near Lincoln, Illinois, the Route 66 Heritage Association of Logan county is doing an online campaign to raise money to finish the job. The association’s goal is to raise $93,000. Since 2006, $50,000 has been put into restoring this area.

Part of the restorations will include fixing the mechanical leg in The Mill restaurant, which became a historic restaurant in Lincoln.

“We had people stopping from like 20 different countries to see The Mill because they already knew it,” Geoff Ladd, president of the association said. “That old Mill in Lincoln is one of the last remaining authentic parts on Route 66.”

The Mill Closed in 1996, but the goal is to reopen it as a museum. Donations have come from the National Park Service ($10,000) and the IndieGoGo fund raised $200 the first day of their campaign. The campaign will last for 40 days.

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