Activists Petition to Save Route 66

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1316A group of activists are driving around a van in support of the Mother Road-Mojave Trails National Monument. They are asking that the stretch between Needles California and Barstow to include a roadway to be part of the Mojave Trails National Monument.

According to the Williams News article, “We’re not really saving it from something, as much as we’re tying to make sure people understand that on Route 66, especially in the Mojave Desert, we don’t want that developed,” Conkle said. “The longest stretch of Route 66 is here in Arizona, from Crookton Road all the way to the Colorado River, but that’s sort of developed. The longest undeveloped and pristine section is from Needles to Barstow. That goes right through what is called the Mojave Desert. Our mission is to try and get the Mojave Desert National Monument to be the Mother-Road Mojave Desert National Monument.”

They are traveling route 66 in hopes that people sign the van to petition for preservation. Among the activists include Mrs. California Route 66 and a conservation advocate with Wildlands Conservancy. So far they have recieved 2,500 signatures so far. For more information, visit and the original article