mount sopris community vibe

Mount Sopris Community Vibe

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Mount Sopris is a twin summit in the Northwestern part of the Rocky Mountains with an elevation just shy of 13,000 feet. If you are fortunate to live around this mountain, the mount sopris community vibe and scenic beauty are unbelievable. When I mention mount sopris community vibe I am talking about everything that goes on around this mountain, such as, the owners name their businesses and schools after this mountain, they climb it, hike it, camp on it and all out enjoy a majestic life among it. Carbondale and Redstone are to small historic towns along the Crystal River near Mount Sopris with strong community bonds and lots of locally owned mom and pop businesses. The alluring main street consists of art galleries, delicious restaurants, baked goods, yoga studios, acupuncture center, theater, farmer’s market, old western taverns where you can find the friendly locals, even dispensaries and so much more.

The Carbondale Chamber, Carbondale Arts, Roadside Gallery, the businesses, the people all work together to create this enchanting mount sopris community vibe. By bringing many angles of culture, arts and music all together at least once a month, if not more, by presenting First Friday’s, Art Walks, Mountain Fairs, Potato Days, Dandelion Days and many other community gatherings.

Mount Sopris is like the symbol of the Roaring Fork Valley having countless outdoor activities including skiing, hiking, canoeing, mountaineering, snow showing, snowmobiling, horseback riding and it goes on and on. Let’s not forget the biking, one the more popular sports and leading form of transportation for the valley. Carbondale was rated number three for the most adventurous town in the National Geographic for its biking trails the main one being the Rio Grande which goes from Glenwood Springs to Aspen and branches off all throughout Colorado. Ride the Rockies bike-a-thon goes thru Carbondale and Redstone once a year and inhales the breath-taking mount sopris community vibe.

Another reason the mount sopris community vibe is so strong is that it attracts many for it diverse range of education. Within this community, you will find public schools, charter schools, Montessori schools, private schools and a mountain college with campuses throughout the valley. This creative district offers a wind range of artistic classes also like guitar, photography, painting, piano, dance etc.. I mean it’s just endless, there could be 100’s of blogs on mount sopris so Roadside Gallery will blog about the mount sopris community vibe on a quarterly basis because we haven’t even touched on Redstone yet.