Classic Cars

Classic Cars

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All of us have that classic car bug hit us at some point in life. Whether it is to restore it to mint condition, to have that dream car you’ve always wanted or for an investment, but most attempts to flip a vintage vehicle for profit don’t turn out that way.

Classic cars today are truly a classic beauty, even though what it means to be classic varies from place to place. Typically it is a car worth preserving or restoring rather than scrapping, usually 20 years and older. Some of the qualities that make these cars classic are the number of each car built, details about the engine, their horsepower and the years in which they were available.

Often times, classic cars are coveted family heirlooms, and they’re as interesting as the people who collect them.

In 1913, Ford became the first mass-produced automobile which made its debut in 1964 at a world fair in New York. A few years later half of the world was driving Ford’s. Having just hosted a classic car show here in Carbondale, CO our third place winner by people’s choice was a 1967 Ford Mustang. Another beauty at the Car Show was the DeTomaso Pantera, an Italian style with a Ford engine, which represents the best of both worlds and in the top 25 best classic cars to drive.  I will tell you there are a lot of really nice classic cars still around today.

At every classic car show you have the rusty relics, which rust more than modern vehicles because they were not built using the superior paint as used today. Winter can be hard on any car and classics can be just as comfortable being driven in snow, but the salt on roads also speeds the process of rusting. You just have to baby that car during the cold frigid months a little more than normal. Most car buffs have them stored away in garages and only driven for special events and on summer weekends anyways.

What a luxury though, especially driving one!